Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I had a sudden urge to revive my blog. i know that i have tried doing so many time but i still end up doing the same thing-abandoning the blog. u see. i somehow do not have the habit of updating my blog. it is because i do not online as often as many other people. it is just not my thing. but again, i promise to update from now onwards. hmmm.. u maybe trying to guess how long will i keep this up until i start abandoning my blog to become a zombie..

Anyways, since i have already updated, i might as well tell my story. Still in the current state of pursuing my dream to be a lawyer. it is certainly getting hard to achieve it but no doubt i will do so. exams are drawing near and revising has been a routine for me. I tell myself that i only need to do this for a few more months before its over and i can enjoy my holidays. Its not really working though. But it is nice and comforting to know that i have many senior friends to seek help from;many of which are smart and funny (very approachable).

Ok, i have ran out of ideas. i stopped by to revive and also update my blog. hope u are still a keen reader. Till next time, take care


Saturday, March 13, 2010

Edu Fair...

Just came back from work at edu fair at KLCC.. Its not a difficult job but very tiring leh.. but still there are incentives that i will be gaining from this. I'll be getting money!! RM100 per day man.. Today and for tml.. so that will make up RM200.. not bad for a 6 hours work.. Anyways, i am thinking of now getting a new phone.. My last post is about wanting a car.. not its about a phone.. see.. so many 'Kehendak' leh..

Since my phone is quite 'cacated' now, i hope this time, i can really get a phone that i wont regret.. hmm i have done all the research and survey that is available.. Plus, i asked a very reliable person abt tis issue so should be ok la..

Is anyone interested in reading comic books? because i somehow got into that interest recently. Since there is a comic shop near my college, i found out that that shop sells comic books in malay!! I wasn't from a chinese school, u see, so i cant read chinese lo.. I bought a comic book.. 'Detective Conan'. Damm interesting la.. Yes i know im a bit late for reading it now since most ppl have read it long long time ago... But now, instead of buying them, im reading them through internet.. Ok ppl im abit random today.. Tired

Till next time, take care..


Sunday, March 07, 2010

So many 'Wants'

Ok there is many things that i want to add on to the list of things that i have.. Hmmm recently i particularly thought of having my own car. One that only i uses. Im currently sharing a car wit my elder brother but most of the time he will be using it since he has work early in the morning and come back home late.. So whenever i need to go somewhere, ktm is my only solution.. Not one that i would prefer obviously..

Mentioned it to my dad before abt wanting a car. Even a Kancil would do the trick but due to its shape and so on, i would conclude that it isnt safe.. Everyone knows that right?

Before this, my dad had actually planned on getting another car, i wouldnt mind having whatever car, i just wanna drive.. He thought of buying a Proton Saga for either me or my brother.

To me honest, i think saga is quite okay. But if my dad were to really buy it, i will want the special edition wan. Not that it is very cool but it certainly makes the car must nicer compared to the basic normal ones.. Ahh! I want a car dreadfully..

And many other things that normal teenager would wanna have.. But ill wait cause such things are worth the wait. And actually, i somehow wanna get my degree as soon as possible cause i feel like lecturing! Yes i would like to be a lecturer at ATC after graduating and at the same time, doing my CLP. Good plan huh? I have got it all planned out. Wish me luck.. =)

Anyways, good night and take care.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Baby steps...

yes as u can see from my post title, im taking baby steps in posting more frequently.. i am always trying de ok.. It is cny and my frens came over my house today.. Yeah as usual it was fun with us gambling and so on..

1year ago, i met amelia in the ktm station and was tempted to talk to her and after many tries, i finally did talk to her.. This story is a special one indeed but it is not gonna be told here because that would be too long.. Lets just put forward the story, now we have been together for 9months liao.. Time passes so fast and as what my friends will say, I am TOO sentimental.. Very true.. =) So i just wanna say I am very happy to have met you and even my friends said u are sociable wo and very nice eh.. Im sure Yoon chee's mom will also like you and not say u are 'FAT'.. hehe u know wad i mean? ok fine. not many ppl do but most people will.. Wo hen kai sin.. U understand my pinyin??

I must really start studying already and stop slacking around even though my examination is like next year.. For those who do not know, im currently reading law at ATC and i encourage those who are interesting in this field to come to ATC and not the lousy small college located at brickfields.. =) Fyi, brickfields is even more dangerous than petaling street because petaling street is controlled by samseng so ppl (bad people) wouldn't mess around.. no joke whilst brickfields according to my friends who study at MCKL, it is freaking dangerous so don believe those ppl who says brickfields is safer than petaling street.. Take care everyone..


Sunday, February 21, 2010

hard to let go..

yes i know i don blog or update and i know not many people read my blog.. i have thought abt deleting this blog but still its difficult to do so.. im not good in bloging and i cant deny that but all the memories that i have is kept here.. that is why its difficult to throw away this..

I know even know i wont be updating this blog but still, ill update when i can.. No time limit. so when u see my blog being abandoned for even 1 year, this blog will still be updated..but dunno when. =) So it wont take very long to just press on my link and see if this blog is updated so i wish u could do so.. This blog has no particular speciality. It is dull and full of words. so if any of u think i can change or add smtg to brighten this way of writing or blogging, pls do tell me.. I would appreciate it. Im not emo fyi. Haha. I know my this post seems to show that i am.. im smiling right now.. =D.. there. You see?

Cny has started and is almost over. I believe many ppl don really like the days of cny.. its just the few weeks BEFORE cny that most ppl like.. and im one of them Somehow cny is just dull nowadays. everything is the same, like a ritual for some people. everything is planned out and so on.. But still, everyone feels sad everytime the 15 days of cny passes.. its funny when u think abt it..

College begins and let the study begin as well. Take care. =)

pls TRY TO VISIT. I'll TRY to UPDATE often.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The arrival of a fresh start..

New year is just about a day left. So people out there, lets make a new year wish. Think about what you wanna achieve next year.. Another year has passed so quickly. I remember telling my best friend that i will be starting college soon.. Being in a new building, a new environment is so new and nice to me.. but that was only for a few months. Many things happened.. some expected and some not. I wouldn't be thinking about getting into a relationship actually but no one could predict that.. Never knew i would find someone with the same dreams of making things happen. Im so glad to have found you dear..

Pre-U is over. 9 months or A-lvl. I hope the hardwork has paid off. Now as i await my results, i usher in the new year.. With a new hope and a new dream. Another stepping stone in reaching my dream of becoming a lawyer.. I will fight thru the difficulties that comes my way and may God help me in doing so.

Tml is new year eve.. Im looking forward to it as it will be the eve of me and amelia's 6 month aniversary. Can't wait to spend time with her. It will be a simple and much more quiet celebration. Cant describe how much I love her.. =) Happy New Year everyone! drive safely at night and after drinking.. hehee...


Sunday, December 13, 2009

View of a pundit...

Just a random post today.. For those that watches football on television, im pretty sure that you guys must have seen or heard the views of those football pundit who sits in front of the green screen and talks and comment on football players and teams. Its funny that people can still find them useful. They may think that whatever they say are the best and that the teams could be failing because of not listening to their advice.. I despise them..yep, u heard me. The faces of the pundits while commenting on something is really pissing off.. Yes, im sure they played football before but who hasn't. The league that some of this pundits have played in could have been much easier or not one of the notorious ones.

For instance, take Shebby Singh.. You have most likely heard of him and seen him on the television screen.. He is the only Malaysian on the show. Hmmm, i dunno much abt him but i do know that he once played on the national team and as a defender.. In my opinion, his comments are quite bias and his explaination is really funny-unlike other pundits who comment, he sounds as though he is trying to impress the other pundits and the television viewers. And he tends to copy what the other pundits have said before him. For your information, im not against him, im just against football PUNDITS..

Just go watch one of the shows and hear what they will say.. They act as if what they are trying to tell us is something that can be easily achieved.. *i'm out of substantial comments*

p.s. I want to earn money.. Find me a job!!